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Experience skydiving at the original dropzone in Sydney

Operating since the 1960s, Sydney Skydivers is at the heart of parachuting in Australia. Pioneers in the introduction of tandem skydiving and modern student training, come and live an experience like no other at the original Skydiving Centre in Sydney. Feel the rush freefalling at over 200 km/h from 15,000 feet followed by a stunning gentle ride on a parachute with one of our highly experienced instructors. See below our skydiving packages in Sydney.

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Book direct for the best value and experience. Group discounts for 4+ people, use code 4MATES at checkout for $20 off each. Zip Pay is available over the phone, contact us to get your order started.

Best price in Sydney

woman smiling in freefall

Skydive Sydney up to 15,000 feet


Best deal in the closest dropzone to Sydney. Everything you need to experience the thrill of a lifetime! You can add photo/video extras on the day if you change your mind.

Up to 15,000 feet

Skydive certificate

Most popular

woman smiling while skydiving

Skydive Sydney 15,000 feet with Video and Photos


Most popular skydiving package. Your instructor will wear a wrist-mounted action camera, capturing selfie-style photos and video: on the ground, in the plane, in freefall and after landing. You will receive approx. 150 photos and a 5 min video edit with music. Express yourself and include any message you want.

Up to 15,000 feet

Hand-held GoPro photos

Hand-held GoPro video

Skydive certificate

Ultimate Package

pair freefalling from plane

Skydive Sydney 15,000 feet Ultimate Video Package


The ultimate skydiving package for thrill-seekers that want to capture all the action skydiving in Sydney! In addition to hand-held “selfie” photos and video filmed by your tandem master, a second instructor will jump flying around you and filming as an outside camera with a camera attached to their helmet.

Up to 15,000 feet

Hand-held GoPro photos

Hand-held GoPro video

Outside POV video

Skydive certificate

Our bookings are flexible.  If you provide more than 48 hours notice, there is no extra cost for changes in booking dates or times.  If we cannot jump due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances you can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost, credit and vouchers are valid for 3 years. For any other questions or concerns about our skydiving packages please check FAQs or contact us.

Purchase your skydiving package on the phone or call us with any questions you may have

Varun NigudkarVarun Nigudkar
07:14 12 Jul 24
10/10, would definitely recommend.Awesome experience. Staff is warm and friendly, supportive to new skydivers. I did skydiving for the first time, thrilling experience. I dived in tandem with Mr. John. Felt completely safe and secure with him, all the divers here are experts and know what they are doing.
Georga Wright-RyanGeorga Wright-Ryan
13:43 10 Jul 24
Was an awesome experience. 100% will do again. The process was quick and easy to follow. Everything ran smoothly, like a well oiled machine. Free falling was amazing, but the parachuting was the best. A nice chill float back to earth, loved it.
Jason AuJason Au
00:06 10 Jul 24
Ryan KimRyan Kim
02:46 07 Jul 24
지렸다If you're looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience in Sydney, Sydney Skydivers is the place to go! With their professional and friendly team, they make sure your skydiving adventure is both safe and unforgettable.# Key Highlights:- Experience: Offers tandem skydive with breathtaking views of the coastline and countryside.- **Safety**: Highly trained instructors ensure you feel secure and well-prepared for the jump.- **Service**: The staff is incredibly friendly and makes the entire process smooth and enjoyable.
First HandFirst Hand
02:30 03 Jul 24
Arrived, met instructor, suited up and loaded plane, jumped & landed all in 50mins....👌👌👌👌👌Soooooooo gooooood....😁
jess shamyjess shamy
05:58 24 Jun 24
The best experience!! My brother and I jumped with Dan and Stefan who were so lovely and made the experience feel safe and fun!! I would 10/10 do again!! Thanks guys!
Fatma DoganFatma Dogan
18:02 12 Jun 24
6 fatalities in 16 years. 🤔https://youtu.be/Q9D9KLg7ohM?si=pyca-61xeo8F_yXn
scott piggottscott piggott
23:20 08 Jun 24
Stephan RoosStephan Roos
01:49 31 May 24
My son and I had the best time here! Jonathan took excellent care of me and made the experience PHENOMENAL!This was my second jump here and I will definitely be back!
Annie GohAnnie Goh
02:01 27 May 24
It was my first skydiving experience and it was absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Lucas for being so friendly and encouraging!
su leesu lee
06:18 17 May 24
Meglenjonh Babayen-onMeglenjonh Babayen-on
01:29 02 May 24
As compared to Dubai where I had my first skydiving experience, this one’s totally different. Everyone was courteous and you feel like you’re being pampered by the staff. People takes there time to ensure everyone’s safety. I was also able to manipulate the parachute unlike Dubai. The view from the top in Dubai (The Palm) was definitely breathtaking but overall, I would recommend this experience to anyone whose adventurous enough while in Sydney. Bonus was the given certificate as proof that you did do the skydiving before the videos and photos arrive. Kudos to the team! 🎉👌
Ozge AOzge A
13:04 27 Apr 24
My first skydive experience!I was so nervous but Thanks to instructor Owe made me feel so comfortable and secured:)Very friendly and lovely team!Weather was not perfect but worth it!I hope I will jump again there one day near future!Highly recommended.
Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson
06:33 27 Apr 24
Great experience again. Friendly and fun staff.. very enjoyable day! Thank you
Elysia WildElysia Wild
05:43 07 Apr 24
Super friendly and helpful staff. Instructors have tonnes of energy and you can tell that they love their job. Overall amazing dive and first experience. Will definitely be returning if I’m back in Sydney
Phoebe BrookePhoebe Brooke
02:22 07 Apr 24
Had such an amazing time today flying with Ove weinrich!!! Thank you so much!! Would definitely recommend skydive Sydney!!
Craig MillsCraig Mills
06:26 30 Mar 24
What an awesome experience, staff were fantastic and friendly and very helpful and experienced
Adrian CassinAdrian Cassin
20:56 26 Mar 24
Craige AldridgeCraige Aldridge
10:26 23 Mar 24
Belinda BlackBelinda Black
11:53 21 Mar 24
The Most amazing experience, so professional and caring and such a great host for a once in a lifetime experience, thank you Tess, such a calm and talented diver! Belinda
Raphael FergusonRaphael Ferguson
00:12 16 Mar 24
Had a great time, would recommend Sydney skydivers to anyone wanting a thrill, Ben my instructor was great and made the tandem skydive experience very fun. Will definitely be going back
Kathleen DuguayKathleen Duguay
16:23 14 Mar 24
Everyone was so helpful and polite.
Angela RodenasAngela Rodenas
22:04 09 Mar 24
If you are thinking about going stop thinking and start driving! I got this as a birthday gift and we loved it. Shout out to my instructors Ove and Chris who made this experience even better. They both are super professional and beyond nice. I had the best birthday. Thank you to all the team! I will always recommend!!
Victoria PoulsonVictoria Poulson
23:42 06 Mar 24
Wow!! Absolutely, by far the BEST experience of my entire life. I went from nearly backing out to being hooked on the feeling of free fall! Tony, my instructor, was fantastic. He reassured me every step of the way and his professionalism and expertise calmed my nerves and lead me to being able to tick one off of my bucket list! The camera man who flew with us was so upbeat and fun that the nerves seemed to slip away. Awesome experience and can’t thank everyone at Sydney Skydivers enough! Free fall is definitely my new ‘fix’. I hope to see you all again! 🪂
Bartosz ZubalaBartosz Zubala
23:50 27 Feb 24
Very well organised, I had a lot of fun
Andy ScottAndy Scott
00:11 27 Feb 24
Best experience of my life. My instructor was Tahi-Paul and he was terrific. Will definitely be doing this again.
Drishti SharmaDrishti Sharma
02:29 24 Feb 24
Absolutely loved the experience!
Brian kwokBrian kwok
05:21 22 Feb 24
Nothing to say, just give it a five-star!
Donna ScerriDonna Scerri
07:35 20 Feb 24
Adam StreetAdam Street
04:21 19 Feb 24
Skydiving is 100 percent worth doing. Thank you so much to the team at Sydney Skydives they made this experience the best thing I have ever done
Shari Fernandez-MilnerShari Fernandez-Milner
06:40 10 Feb 24
Hooley Dooley was this an experience! It was a very smooth process from check in to completing the big jump and landing! My partner decided to jump last minute and was a seamless process for him too. Thank you very much to Felix for making me feel safe and confident. Also a big thanks to Nick for the great video footage! The best things in life really are placed on the other side of fear.
Carrie PinkCarrie Pink
07:46 05 Feb 24
The most incredible experience of my life!!! Aside from it just being freaking epic, the staff was incredible. I rode tandem with Chris and he was exceptional! He did a fantastic job and made me feel extremely at ease and safe and amped up my excitement even more! I will definitely skydive again and I would absolutely recommend this company and experience!
Rhonda MartinRhonda Martin
06:02 05 Feb 24
I gave my partner a jump with 3 of his friends for his Birthday. They had the most amazing time - instructors so cool and easy process. The video and photos are amazing. A big shout out to Calder who was with my partner, he did a great job the pics and video amazing and he did that all on his birthday, so my partner jumped for his birthday (a day after his actual bday) and his instructor was jumping with him on his birthday. Cheers Calder and crew!!!!
luke Impellizzeriluke Impellizzeri
02:42 03 Feb 24
Great experience great instructors
Izabela MarzecIzabela Marzec
03:34 29 Jan 24
Eunice WongEunice Wong
09:58 26 Jan 24
Awesome experience with Sydney Skydiver! It was my first skydiving, and I feel very safe with my coach. The video and photo are also very good. Highly recommend!
05:02 22 Jan 24
Highly recommend. Service was great and patient the flight was surprisingly smooth compared to what I expected it to be like jumping for the first time. The team there was also very supportive and took great care of everyone. If you are thinking about skydiving, do it, it isnt as bad as it looks. It was good jumping with you Camden, I hope to fly with you in the future!
Deborah JamiesonDeborah Jamieson
11:02 21 Jan 24
Hectic jump, I was truely terrified but my truely perfect instructor got me out of the plane door… ahahahA very worthwhile activity if you’re looking for a thrill. Ahhh. Thanks guys, and thank you Camden (my truely perfect instructor) !!!
Lennox LagrecaLennox Lagreca
01:42 21 Jan 24
One of the greatest experiences I have ever had, not only was the skydiving amazing the staff were so nice extremely helpful answered every question you had aswell as the environment being very positive and welcoming, would 100% recommend this place and will definitely be going back, amazing job they did.
Arjun Singh OmkarArjun Singh Omkar
01:39 15 Jan 24
Loved rhe experience. All rhanks ro my trainer Tony and the camera woman. She shot an amasing video and tont had great control over the entire situstion. It was amazing. I want to get trained and go Solo now. Thanks for the good experience.
prashanth unniprashanth unni
05:40 14 Jan 24
I loved doing it so so my family . Great place , experienced instructors. Highly recommended
Anurag SharmaAnurag Sharma
23:43 12 Jan 24
This was my first Skydive experience ever done in my life. I was scared at first but later I went with the flow.60 second Freeeeeee……Faaaaaaaallllll 🥶The tandem skydive was an indescribable rush of adrenaline, a thrilling dance with gravity that left me both exhilarated and awestruck. My instructor was not just skilled but also incredibly reassuring, guiding me through every nerve-wracking moment with confidence and expertise. The cameraman, capturing every thrilling second, ensured that the memories of this once-in-a-lifetime experience were immortalized in vivid detail. Their combined professionalism and passion made this adventure truly unforgettable.I am truly amazed by this experience. I will never will able to forget this moment.
Christelle JuillardChristelle Juillard
08:12 10 Jan 24
this tandem jump on December 14, 2023 was certainly the most fantastic experience of my vacation in Sydney with exceptional weather..I was lucky to have an instructor of choice, smiling, kind, patient, who gave me all the safety instructions so that I could make the most of it.No apprehension on my part. I felt completely confident, well taken care of and this is essential, if we want to take full advantage of this exceptional moment. first of all, boarding this small plane where we reach a height of 4000m..we were the last to jump in the group and it was magical, nothing but happiness.Thank you Stéphane  Delmas for this precious moment that I will not soon forget.👌Odile Marin
nandini parekhnandini parekh
23:48 01 Jan 24
Shanjin Binte IslamShanjin Binte Islam
04:27 01 Jan 24
Had an exhilarating skydiving experience with this company! The entire process was incredibly smooth, from the friendly staff guiding us through the preparations to the breathtaking views during the jump. The instructors were professional and ensured a safe and enjoyable adventure. A truly wonderful and memorable day – highly recommend for anyone seeking an adrenaline-packed experience!
alice rothwellalice rothwell
04:14 01 Jan 24
You MUST do this! My first sky dive and was an absolute blast. Thanks to Lucas, my incredible pro, who put my mind at ease and was an absolute legend. He was fun and relaxed but always made me feel incredibly safe/ like I was in good hands at all times.We had cloud and drizzle but that doesn't make a difference when the sun shines so beautifully above the clouds!The bus transfer was efficient and super convenient from the centre of the city. The journey is also a great opportunity for solo travellers to chat to others- this was great as then you could get someone to use your phone and film your descent (if you jump in different batches).Everyone was super friendly but professional, really cannot rate this more highly!! Free falling is an addictive, wonderful feeling and I would love to get my own license!!
Daniels MorganDaniels Morgan
22:50 29 Dec 23
Great experience. The whole team was great, very welcoming. Brody is a legend, sang songs the whole dive. 10/10 would recommend.
Poonam ThapaPoonam Thapa
09:28 29 Dec 23
Amazing experience! I was bit nervous before but when I actually did it, I enjoyed every bit of it. Thank you Pierre, my instructor. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, literally! 😄See you all again in the blue skies!!! I’m definitely coming back, hopefully soon!
21:57 28 Dec 23
I loved it.
Manasa deviManasa devi
07:11 28 Dec 23
Amazing experience ❤️ Thank you team.Highly recommended.
04:52 28 Dec 23
MJ KaspuraMJ Kaspura
03:06 28 Dec 23
Absolutely fabulous experience! The tandem jumpers were fun and chatty, and clearly very capable. Clear instructions, very little wait time, and an incredible jump. Can’t wait to come back for more!
Ayushree MaharjanAyushree Maharjan
07:50 27 Dec 23
It was an exhilarating experience. I was smiling all through the way. Once in a lifetime thing!! I want to go for more rounds in future if possible. Its addictive ((:
Shanmuga RajShanmuga Raj
07:36 23 Dec 23
Awesome experience!!! staff were kind and friendly.
Andrew BlundenAndrew Blunden
02:16 12 Dec 23
I can't recommend this experience highly enough. Chris was an excellent instructor and I really felt safe under his guidance. Pierre's video was excellent and a perfect memento of the occasion. This was a first time skydive for me and I really enjoyed it. I would strongly recommend getting a video done if it is your first time skydiving as its a great way to share the experience with friends and family...and to prove to everyone that you really did it! Thankyou Sydney Skydivers for this wonderful experience of a lifetime.
It was amazing, the instructor was very kind and highly knowledgeable so I feel really safe and enjoyed thank you so much I’ll never forget!
salauddin meridhasalauddin meridha
07:40 09 Dec 23
I would say the trainee are super experienced. I would give 100 out of 10 but the video making process and trainer dedication towards making video process is zero out of 1.I don’t blame the instructor also as they do more than 20 jumps a day which is super tiring.My instructor didn't even give me time to talk for video. I felt so embrassed.But, he was friendly enough and the heat of today.s Weather might have impacted the time involved.Anyway, I wanna still give 100 out of 10.
Best experience I've had great service made me feel comfortable for my first jump and got some great pics/video.Very satisfied with everything AAA+++
Tshun Min LiewTshun Min Liew
09:42 19 Nov 23
Hannah NashHannah Nash
07:15 14 Nov 23
Rebecca AlchinRebecca Alchin
08:02 06 Nov 23
I went skydiving with Sydney Skydivers yesterday - it was amazing! Staff are lovely, knowledgeable, and clearly passionate about what they do. They walk you through everything really well to help you to feel at ease and get excited for your jump.I jumped with Tahi-Paul and he’s wonderful - really awesome guy!Was also very grateful for the cafe on site and being able to grab a coffee 🥰Will definitely be back and am recruiting some friends to join me for another jump, hopefully sometime in summer!
Tija KhadkaTija Khadka
23:06 31 Oct 23
nick dazenick daze
00:16 19 Oct 23
Great experience, been wanting to do it for ages, JUST DO IT ✔️ thanks Tessio
Tassio was a good instructor for my first experience of skydive. Very kind and skillful! I am satisfied.
Katie JonesKatie Jones
05:04 06 Oct 23
Was an amazing way to celebrate my sons 18 th birthday- both Cindi and Tassio made our sky dives a fantastic experience-. We both felt we were in very capable hands and they tailored our dives individually to suit an 18 year old wanting the adrenaline rush and myself a more gentle decent!! Thank you so much highly recommend it 🙏
Nabeel AnwarNabeel Anwar
09:29 30 Sep 23
Amazing experience. Very well managed facility and everyone is so passionate about skydiving. It was my first time and I enjoyed every bit of the experience.
Kristy FlemingKristy Fleming
23:53 25 Sep 23
Wow. What an absolute amazing experience I had. Did a tandem jump with Shane Philip. He was an absolute legend. The whole process from the time I booked, to the time I landed after the fall, was amazing. Such an organised and well structured process and made the process less nerve wrecking. I would 100% do this again. Next time I'm getting a group together. If anyone is thinking of booking and doing this, just do it. You won't regret a thing. The photos and video that I received after was also perfect. Couldn't have wished for better footage of my experience. Thank you guys
Tomasz RatajczakTomasz Ratajczak
23:47 25 Sep 23
Amazing instructors, very good vibe, every person was very informative and very sweet, definitely recommend!
Mohammad ZirjawiMohammad Zirjawi
03:09 25 Sep 23
yvonne Wiyvonne Wi
00:20 25 Sep 23
Such a fabulous experience from start till finish. Communication with the company via email was easy, quick and clear. My instructor Tahi made me feel at ease (as much as possible for an anxious dramatic person 😂) and I absolutely LOVED it. Will be recommending to anyone that will listen to me! A big tick off the bucket list. Thanks so much 😊
Sahil MakkarSahil Makkar
02:11 19 Sep 23
Book through NRMA rewards for discount on tickets. Ask for John who is one of the most experienced tandem jumper.
sweta dhakalsweta dhakal
12:37 15 Sep 23
Sharath was incredibly good, he made sure I was confident to jump. Everything was perfect, Very professional, I had best experience of my life❤️
Ra KeshRa Kesh
07:27 27 Aug 23
You should try the thrill
03:13 26 Aug 23
What a surreal experience, I was so nervous at first, but the instructor was so good you knew you were in good hands with these people, 100% recommend
11:20 21 Aug 23
I’m still alive
nala leenala lee
01:09 21 Aug 23
Katie ChowKatie Chow
08:07 12 Aug 23
🤩Very satisfied🪂dream come true✌️🤪Thank you😘
Adrien TirardAdrien Tirard
01:29 12 Aug 23
Great experience! Highly recommend
Paul Fynes-ClintonPaul Fynes-Clinton
21:35 30 Jul 23
Great experience that was further improved with confident and professional instructors. Would definitely go again.
aashna sethiaashna sethi
01:20 30 Jul 23
Neshaj SigdelNeshaj Sigdel
11:54 27 Jul 23
Izni ZulkiflyIzni Zulkifly
12:46 13 Jun 23
Amazing, amazing skydiving experience with Sydney Skydivers! We took the Ultimate Video Package and it was the best decision ever as we get to relive all those adrenaline rush moments.My instructor Jayden was the best. Was a bit nervous at first but he made me feel safe and relaxed throughout the whole thing.This experience was like no other and I will definitely come back here again and repeat! Highly recommended!
saikrishna tatikondasaikrishna tatikonda
05:12 13 Jun 23
WOW. It was a wonderful experience simply fabulous. I would like to thank TAHI & PAUL for giving such a memorable experience and safe landing. They are fun and most experienced instructors great time to have a chance to share my Dream with them. Great response from the receptionist also.Scream loud and enjoy each and every moment in SKYDIVE.Thanks guys.
Nurlyn AkmalNurlyn Akmal
02:47 13 Jun 23
Had the most incredible experience here. The entire adventure was simply amazing. Dan was a fantastic instructor. He’s funny and extremely reassuring. The whole experience was seamless, from the moment we arrived until we landed safely on the ground. It’s an absolute must-do and I will definitely coming here again.
Mohd FaizalMohd Faizal
10:26 12 Jun 23
Loved the entire experience! From reaching the place to finishing the tandem jump all within an hour to have a bucket list moment was really amazing! Call one day in advance to enquire if you have any questions (add on costs, etc) or make a phone booking, which makes the process easier as well.If you are driving in, keep a lookout for a small road that leads to the skydive carpark.
David GillespieDavid Gillespie
07:37 25 May 23
I never usually leave reviews fore things but this is a must exception! A great experience that i'd definitely do again at Sydney Skydivers.I was nervous beforehand, but both the instructors (Tahi-Paul and a Dutch guy...unfortunately forget his name) done a great job at making me feel relaxed and I felt very safe throughout the whole process.A memorable experience that i'd highly recommend!
Tim BoTim Bo
08:53 13 Apr 23
Did my AFF course here as pictured back in Jan.Awesome down to earth friendly instructors and staff with 10's of 1000's of jumps.Very good training systems and safety conscious.Im now finishing my B-License - highly recommend jumping here for Tandem or learning to Skydive.I might even see you there 😃
Asha De SilvaAsha De Silva
19:59 21 Feb 23
It was one of the best experience I had in life. It was so great. It makes me feel so good. Thank you Sydney Skydivers.Special thanks to my instructor Chuang for being friendly and nice and for made me felt safe an fearless. Such a great instructor. Thank you 😊Will see you again 😊
Tori GardinerTori Gardiner
00:48 08 Feb 23
Really professional and lovely crew. For someone with crippling anxiety and can’t even lean over high balcony’s, my instructor made me feel so relaxed and I had 100% trust in him. 10/10 I am coming back to dive with these boys again 🙂
Danny DurkinDanny Durkin
10:13 17 Jan 23
Fantastic experience and the staff couldn't have been better! We came with 5 people, two tandem jumps and one solo and we all loved it. Felt very safe and supported the whole time! Would definitely go again
07:07 17 Jan 23
Enjoyed the sky dive. All went smoothly. Good instructors and guidance. It was all over alot quicker than expected but that could be because of my big brekky and gravity forces. Felt safe throughout.I would definitely recommend. My only constructive point is, to have photos taken by the place is extremely expensive so I didn't take it up. Would be nice if they fixed the pricing while still profitable. All in all, I would definitely recommend and go back
Zoe WilkinsonZoe Wilkinson
11:35 16 Jan 23
The best place to go skydiving! The team are all so chill and friendly. A special thank you to Michael who was the best instructor I could’ve asked for. I was scared leading up to the jump but Michael was super reassuring, calming and attentive. I felt super safe and ended up having the best experience ever! The photos also turned out fantastic haha!
Jane DJane D
20:49 22 Dec 22
A shoutout to Jonathon & his team for being so attentive from the beginning to the end of our skydiving experience. Though nervous and excited, the team ensured our experience was safe and ran smoothly from beginning to end. Photos and videos were delivered via email within 36 hours of landing. I’d highly recommend this experience to anybody.
Madhuri sharmaMadhuri sharma
04:31 22 Dec 22
It was a best day for me of my life, Scot is a good professional skydivers. I must recommended to those who are adventure person. Sky diving was a dream for me and my partner made my dream in true. I will definitely do this again.
Olivya BoutrousOlivya Boutrous
03:43 01 Dec 22
GREAT experience!!! this place is honestly amazing they are very professional and a fun bunch. Phil is a great instructor. Definitely recommend and coming back again for more jumps🤩🤩
Vasileios ChatziiosifVasileios Chatziiosif
11:29 27 Nov 22
Safety comes first and I can assure you that the whole Team from Skydivers made us feel secure and safe from the moment that we enter the plane to do our first jump. Yes , we were afraid of everything, and yes we were hesitating until the last minute, but believe me, the experience and the feeling is amazing. We booked the full package so another skydiver jumped with us in order to have the video from our jump and it worth every penny!!!!.Thank you to the whole Team from 1300Skydive, and we wish you all to have safe landings and definitely we will jump again.
03:43 07 Nov 22
I had my first jump with them last weekend and it was an amazing experience. Really professional and experienced crew.
jean kimanijean kimani
07:36 28 Sep 22
Amazing experience, did a tandem and my instructor Scott was amazing and gave very clear precise instructions. Pure thrill and the adrenaline rush omg!love love.
LPS PearlLPS Pearl
03:06 26 Sep 22
**** me that was amazing. Lisa and I (Lauren) dove in the sky today and it was definitely a love hate relationship.Shane O was amazing and it helped that he was sexy!He made me feel at ease and always reassured me that everything was sweet.Frothed that!
David NitschkeDavid Nitschke
21:31 10 Sep 22
Jumped with my son for his birthday on 10th Sept 2022. What a great day we had! Our instructors, (Jason? and Phielix? forgive me if I have the names wrong) were fantastic. We immediately felt at ease and had great fun. We felt comfortable and given clear instructions. I would jump with these two gents again.I would have given 5 stars, except the facilities are a little "old school" and could do with a bit of an update.Overall however, I would totally recommend jumping here. I'm now trying to convince my wallet I should do the course and become a solo jumper!Thanks team @ Sydney Skydivers.
Macy HamkaMacy Hamka
03:28 29 Aug 22
Couldn’t have asked for better customer service! My best friend and I paid for the photo and video package and omg SO WORTH IT!! they created the best video of all time! The camera guys were so awesome and made our day so fun. Can’t wait to jump again honestly it was amazing CANT recommended them more !!!!
Joe BouantounJoe Bouantoun
02:31 15 Jun 22
On Monday 13th had so much fun 15,000 feet was the best landing . The instructor was awesome he explained it very well. highly recommend anyone to come to Sydney skydivers.
Tamir HagaiTamir Hagai
09:28 11 Jun 22
Awesome place!! I really recommend it to anyone looking for adventures 🤘 really beautiful view and very good people!
04:28 14 May 22
Absolutely loved the whole thing, my instructor was amazing good guy had a nice talk with him on the cruise down, however forgot his name.
Darius AtkinsonDarius Atkinson
04:45 06 May 22
Just finished my B-rels there! Amazing place to jump. All of the instructors are so nice and give you great advice! Really helped me improve the way I skydive! Highly recommend if you want a good vibe with some really nice people!!
Rachel SRachel S
04:18 14 Dec 21
Amazing experience! Highly recommended 😊Shout out to Cindi who looked after me throughout the tandem jump!

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Please ensure you check-in on time. If you have any special time constraints or needs please ensure you notify us beforehand. We do our best to keep the day running smoothly but sometimes we are held up due to unforeseen circumstances. At Sydney Skydivers we use the best safety and risk management system and we have real time flight departure boards at the dropzone to keep you informed of your flight. Staff will also keep you updated in regard to timings or any delays. Safety is of the utmost importance to us and if we have to wait on the ground or put jumping on hold to ensure your safety, then we will. We endeavour to complete an individual’s jump in a timely manner.

How many people can go up in the same plane to skydive?

That will depend on how many people are in your group. We operate large turbine aircrafts which are perfect for groups, however exact numbers on aircraft are affected by weights, how many want outside cameras and other operational factors. The number of your group on the aircraft can vary from 2-3 people up to 5-6 people on average. We can advise you on the day who and how many will be on each plane load and we will do our best to accommodate group requests. If you have any special needs please let us know at check-in.

What's the minimum age to skydive in Sydney?

By law, the minimum age for tandem skydiving in Australia is 16 years of age. Any person under 18 years of age needs their parent or guardian’s written permission. There is no maximum age to skydive, however, we reserve the right to refuse a skydive based on our assessment based on age, weight and health to ensure everyone’s safety. If you have any questions, concerns or anything you need to discuss with us please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to avoid disappointment on the day.

Are there any weight restrictions for skydiving in Sydney?

Due to safety reasons, the maximum weight to skydive in Sydney is 115 kg. We weigh each person at check-in. Over 95kg charges apply: $25 over 95kg, $50 over 100kg, $100 for max. weight of 110kg

What should I wear to go skydiving in Sydney?

Comfortable casual clothes. Dress for the weather on the day, it can be a little cooler at 14,000ft. We will provide you with a jumpsuit to wear over your clothes as well as skydiving goggles. If you wear glasses that’s fine, we have special over glasses goggles. Secure footwear that’s not going to fall off is a must. No flip flops or thongs. Enclosed shoes such as runners are required. Remember to empty your pockets!

Is skydiving in Sydney safe?

Like in any other extreme sport, there are risks involved in skydiving. Thanks to the advancements in technology, regulation and training, however, the sport has become much safer over the last few decades. Safety devices like AADs, installed in all our rigs, ensure that even in the unlikely event that a skydiver is unable to manually deploy their main parachute, the device will trigger the deployment of the reserve parachute automatically. That coupled with stringent safety procedures and processes as well as experienced instructors ensures that your skydiving experience is as safe as possible.

What are the physical requirements for skydiving ?

Almost anyone with good health can do a Tandem skydive, even seniors over 80 years old. For the safety of our staff and customers, we reserve the right to refuse a skydive after our assessment based on age, weight and health. If you have any questions, concerns, or anything you need to discuss, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to avoid disappointment on the day.

Does your stomach drop when you skydive?

You don’t get that roller coaster sensation when skydiving. The aircraft will be flying at a relatively high speed, when jumping out you experience relative air resistance, and quickly transition into terminal velocity. The feeling is closer to floating over air molecules than dropping.

Can I cancel a booking?

Bookings can be cancelled and a full refund given provided that at least 48 hours notice is provided.  If you cannot make it on your booked day, let us know more than 24 hours in advance and we can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost. Our vouchers and credit are valid for 3 years.

Can I change the date or time of a booking?

Yes, if you cannot make it on the day or time of your skydive we can reschedule at no extra cost to a more convenient time. Changes made within 24 hours of your booking time will attract a $50 change fee.

Can I book a skydive for someone else?

Yes, you can book a skydive for someone else at a certain date and time, or buy a gift voucher as credit to be used in the future. Our Sydney skydiving vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Do you have skydiving vouchers or gift cards?

Yes, and they make the gift of a lifetime! If you are planning a surprise visit to the dropzone for a skydive you can make a booking choosing a specific date, otherwise you can purchase a Sydney skydiving gift voucher that can be used in the future. Our vouchers are valid for 3 years.

Are skydiving photos or video included?

Photos and video packages can be purchased as extras, either at time of booking or when you arrive at the dropzone for your check-in. With out skydiving ultimate video package you can even get your very own videographer, even in freefall.

Sydney Skydivers is the only self-contained dropzone in Sydney. No buses or transfers are required from the lounge to the plane. This means your friends and family can watch you board the plane and land under parachute from just a few meters away, and take as many photos and videos as they want!


Absolutely! We operate a self-contained dropzone, which means that you and your friends or family can hang out before and after your skydive. You can enjoy a picnic on our extensive grass areas while you watch planes take off and skydivers land. Pets are also welcome in our dropzone, but for safety reasons, you must keep them from entering into aircraft or landing restricted areas.

Skydiving gift vouchers

Make it a very special day skydiving in Sydney

Birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, team events…there is always a good reason to throw someone out of a perfectly good airplane with our skydiving gift vouchers. Being the only self-contained dropzone in Sydney means you can hang out on our premises while watching planes take off and parachutes land. Display birthday or proposal signs, enjoy a picnic on our extensive grass areas and make it a really special day.

Our Gift Vouchers are valid for 3 years

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Skydiving safety

We use some of the most advanced gear in the market. All our rigs are equiped with an AAD (automatic activation device), in the unlikely event that there is a problem in frefall it will release the reserve parachute at the deployment altitude.

50 years skydiving in Sydney

A dropzone with history! Australian owned and operated, we have been around for over 50 years, performing thousands of skydives each year. We are the most experienced company in Australia.

Self-contained skydiving centre

Only self-contained dropzone in Sydney. You check-in and board the plane with no buses or transfers involved. Your friends and family can watch you and film you boarding the plane and landing under parachute a few meters away from you.

Best skydiving price and value

We are obsessed with providing the best value and fun experience with our skydiving packages. We have the best skydiving prices in the closest dropzone to Sydney CBD.

Breath-taking views from up to 15,000 feet

From the blue mountains to the coast, enjoy an incredible panoramic view from up to 15,000 feet. Beautiful greenery, farms, roads, rivers…immense range of landmarks all the way to the coast that make it an unmatched visual experience.

Skydive now, pay later

Skydive now, pay later. There is literally no excuse left to not jump from a perfectly good airplane. Zip Pay is available on bookings over the phone, contact our friendly staff to purchase your skydiving package.

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