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We love what we do. And it shows in our reviews.

Read real testimonials by Sydney Skydivers visitors from Australia and overseas. Despite having thousands of jumps each, our instructors enjoy the excitement and passion of first-timers like it was also their first day.

Whether it is tandem skydiving, teaching the AFF skydiving course or sharing the weekend with licensed skydivers, every member of our staff strives to give our visitors a unique experience. And we have been fortunate enough to do so every day for the last 50 years!

Scott Young Avatar
Scott Young
- Google

My step daughters 20th Birthday absolutely loved it

Scott Ryman Avatar
Scott Ryman
- Facebook

awesome people, great venue always a fun time

Daniel Riano Guerrero Avatar
Daniel Riano Guerrero
- Google

My mates and I had the time of our lives today doing the tandem free fall. These guys have a great crew, very patient, encouraging and always willing to give 110% of what they have. I would like to especially thank Greg for his guidance and amazing vibe, what a legend!!!Thanks heaps guys.I'd like to leave a quick piece of advice: please keep your café open during business hours, we tried to find a place to buy soda and some snacks but there was nothing around. Also, could you please show a brief video with a quick set of instructions for beginners in the preparation room? That would make things heaps easier for newbies.Cheers, all the best!

Tracey Hati Avatar
Tracey Hati
- Facebook

Absolutely loved every moment and will be definitely be doing it again awesome trainers too so can’t wait for the vids

Aaron Avatar
- Google

Alex and the other Brazillian bomber were outstanding and and made our first sky dive a wonderful experience! Highly recommended to all!!!!

Navdeep Mehmi Avatar
Navdeep Mehmi
- Google

Good experience but it’s expensive..

John Keighley Avatar
John Keighley
- Facebook

Our sister, who is an autistic 59 year old just had the experience of a lifetime yesterday (Monday 23/3) when she jumped with Jon and she was so thrilled to get the opportunity to do this. She had been talking about it constantly for months and will talk about it for years now that she's done it! Thank you Jon, for giving Josie such a great experience. She doesn't smile very often and the videos showed it all. What you do - making people's day - is just fantastic! Thank you once again.

Nicholas Bennett Avatar
Nicholas Bennett
- Facebook

The family atmosphere. The awesome cafeteria dude who makes a mad sandwich. The professional packers who do an awesome job without complaint.

Shekhar Gyanwali Avatar
Shekhar Gyanwali
- Google

Amazing experienceOur experience here from start to finish was great.Very friendly staff in the office in Sydney. He helped us prepare for the sky dive and bus trip. Toilet and free coffee are also available in the office.Bus Driver was very friendly. Once we reached Picton, he did a intro of the base and the process.Staff at the queue office were friendly and answered all the questions.Sky Divers (lead) were very friendly and well organised. They prepared us very well for the dive. Plane ride was excellent.

Dominic Galvin Avatar
Dominic Galvin
- Google

I have never sky dived nor do I want to but I was doing some bush walking in the Picton Rd area and I was very tired because of the heat today. Well the bus driver took pity on me and asked if I needed a ride. I wasn't going the same way so I couldn't take him up on it but it is nice to know there are still some friendly people in the world! Thanks a lot and if I ever hear anyone wanting to go sky diving I will point them in your direction!

Nisrine Abboud Avatar
Nisrine Abboud
- Facebook

Suprised our son for his 12th birthday. It’s been his dream to do this since he was 8. He had an amazing time. Very professional and prompt. Lara was an awesome instructor. Thanks Sydney Skydives for a memorable experience!

Ash Jones Avatar
Ash Jones
- Facebook

Awesome awesome awesome 2 amazing jumps

Jacinda Njm Avatar
Jacinda Njm
- Facebook

Had a fantastic time this morning doing my 2nd jump thank you again Jason 😊✌️

Kylie Westgate Avatar
Kylie Westgate
- Facebook

Had an awesome first jump this morning. Totally professional staff. Will be going again in the future. Thanks for the jump Shane.

David Gates Avatar
David Gates
- Google

Tandem dive with experience instructors. Went skydiving with son for his 21st Birthday. The instructors were good blokes who went out of their way to make my experience everything it could be. I have no hesitation in recommending Sydney Skydivers. Go for the photo and video package and you will realise you have more skin on your face than you need. I had Jason as my instructor and he couldn't have been any more professional.

Loata Qaranivalu Avatar
Loata Qaranivalu
- Facebook

What an experience! Professional friendly funny staff that made the skydiving enjoyable

Paul Ou Avatar
Paul Ou
- Google

Excellent experience. Good video quality.

Anuta Cambourne Avatar
Anuta Cambourne
- Facebook

Awesome want to do it again

Kamal201301 Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

The Life time Experinces.
It was very exciting and thrilling to jump from 14000 Feet.
Also their staff is very helpful and soft spoken.,

Roving47634129236 Avatar
4 star rating
- TripAdvisor

It is best scene for me ever have before and don't be afraid to fly. But i recommend to use ear plug if you want to protect you ear.

Pudinhead Avatar
- Google

Hi, I’m a 13 year old, I did a tandem jump from 14,000 ft today. The service was very good and all everyone there was really nice. As for the bus was clean but the bolts in the emergency exits where probably quite loose making a lot of rattling noise which was slightly painful to listen to.The jump itself was really fun and terrifying, when you jump out the plane at the start I feel like I could barely breathe because it was really scary but after a while it becomes really enjoy the free fall. In mid air they do some drills about landing which helped revise on moves. The landing was really smooth, I was able to land without any broken limbs, it was really fun and I went for another one and you can go up again for $149 your second time and you can keep repeating this.Over all this place is really and it’s a really good fun for kids if your up for the challenge but there are also jumps you could do by yourself, which you would have an instructor not strapped to you but close to you. Although I didn’t do the single one it seem very cool. Please go support them 😍

Teja Jaensch Avatar
Teja Jaensch
- Google

Such a fantastic adventure!! I just can't describe what the feeling was like sitting on the edge of that plane about to drop into nothing... wild!! Thanks to the crew!!

Georgina Ilosvay-Molnár Avatar
Georgina Ilosvay-Molnár
- Google

Nice service,you see the blue mountains,but not the city or beach

Derek Regimbal Avatar
Derek Regimbal
- Google

Just jumped.. was absolutely insane!!

abhimanyu sharma Avatar
abhimanyu sharma
- Google

Highly recommended. Great staff

Aoife Bonner Avatar
Aoife Bonner
- Google

Best experience. Truly amazing

ParaSantae AlephAntElephantAlephBet Avatar
ParaSantae AlephAntElephantAlephBet
- Google

So awesome, i want to go again

Tabatha Hall Avatar
Tabatha Hall
- Facebook

loved it, great people. had a blast thank you..

Bita Masrour Avatar
Bita Masrour
- Facebook

One of the best experiences I’ve ever had! The instructors and staff are very experienced and very good X I used to scared of height and don’t know how I’ve done it ✅ I’ll definitely do it again

Gemma Taber Avatar
Gemma Taber
- Facebook

Did my first tandem skydive today . Jason was amazing and I had a great time

Bethan Camm Avatar
Bethan Camm
- Facebook

Did my first tandem jump here a couple of days ago, something I've been meaning to do for a while and it was as awesome as expected! Everyone there was super nice and chill and made the experience so easy and fun for something that has potential to be terrifying!

Todd Peers Avatar
Todd Peers
- Facebook

absolutely awesome! I came to tackle my fear of heights and the lads couldn't have made me feel more relaxed , great job 👍👏

chpmrc Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

I was very worried due to the many negative reviews but I was met with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and, most of all, an *amazing* instructor named Chris. His extremely positive personality and courtesy relieved me of any doubts that I had left. The prep was detailed, the flight was smooth and the jump was...Holy s**t...Intense!! Absolutely recommended.
Chris, if you're reading this: THANK YOU!

RhianCox Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

Me & my cousin visited Sydney Skydivers during our travels of Aus and I can honestly say that this was the highlight of our whole trip. A free shuttle bus located in the city to & from the skydiving centre is included in the price. This being our first skydive we were very nervous on arrival. Our nerves soon subsided when I was greeted by the smiley faces & excellent service of all staff here. You feel incredibly safe & comfortable - the staff here have done thousands of jumps with Phil having completed his 35,000th jump! The view from 14,000ft is simply breathtaking. A special thanks to Mitch, Tara & Jacob for being patient & amazeballs with us.

Rhian & Rebecca

Akshay Sapra Avatar
Akshay Sapra
- Facebook

I liked the shuttle service, and the good prices.

Léa DS Avatar
Léa DS
- Facebook

So much fun! Thanks to the entire staff, from the hilarious shuttle driver to Phil and all the teasing pre-jump!! Perfect way to end my trip. Best view of the Sydney/surroundings area! Plus, i have absolutely no merit, but felt kinda pro with that stand up landing 😜

Varun Luhariwala Avatar
Varun Luhariwala
- Facebook

A must do activity at the nicest place ever. Skydive with Skydney Skydivers. Good staff and superb instructors. They made my first dive a cherishable moment for a long time. Loved it. 🤟✌😄😁

Aimy Chen Avatar
Aimy Chen
- Facebook

safe and professional staff!

Samantha Mackenzie Avatar
Samantha Mackenzie
- Facebook

incredible service, friendly staff, amazing experience!

kingajai Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

It felt like finale of fall .
A single jump and you know you did it .
To let go everything in you and feel the music of heart between the sky and Earth.

jeblake16 Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

Sydney skydivers was a top rate, professional outfit! The fact that they have a shuttle directly from their own lounge in the city made the whole experience that much better. What a great jump with fabulous views of the blue mountains to one side and the ocean to the other. Jason was a great instructor!! If you want to sky dive, these are the guys to do it with.

stb65 Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

Very professional staff with safety first and the time of your life a very close second. If it's an experience on your "bucket list" don't put it off! Do it now and do it with Sydney Skydivers!

ShaliniA162 Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

This was my second skydive experience with Sydney sky divers. Last I did in Jan 2018 and now in Jan 2019. Very professional team and overall experience was Super Duper Amazing..Looking forward for my next dive 🙂

Willis_hawkes Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

Went with my sister, for a tandem skydive, as a present from her. Haven’t had such a fun experience in a long time. Once all registered, we were met by are instructors who were very friendly and chatty. Went through all the safety slowly and made sure we understood it all. Once in the air again made sure we understood what to do and off we went. Was an unbelievable experience and would recommend to anyone who is thinking about it. We paid for the video and picture package and would highly recommend. Once on the ground, had to wait a bit for them to put the videos together. Montage was awesome, about 5-7 minutes of footage and about 300 photos so well worth it. They make a final video with cool music and animations to the dive and give you a usb with everything on. Very much enjoyed. Would like to thank Paddy and Justin, are instructors, who were pretty awesome.

honolulu911 Avatar
5 star rating
- TripAdvisor

I arrived well ahead of my check in time but I was being rushed straight away. The receptionist was looking over my shoulder nervously as I was trying to read just the main points of the agreement and told me it would take a long time to read it all... I'll rather not comment on that. The plane ride itself was an experience, an awesome one. The plane was full but had only 3 clients. The rest were (I think) staff members who had 10min to spare so they just jumped of the plane with us 🙂 It was overcast with some rain on the day so we flew above the clouds. Once we reached the altitude, people started jumping off which was quite the sight. I dont even know how and suddenly my legs were hanging off the plane and a few seconds later we were falling into the clouds. WOW! "I dont wanna go" suddenly changed to "this is awesome!". Going through the clouds, the pull back when the chute opened and simply 'cruising' in the air were just incredible. And such a smooth and gentle landing, right on our bums 🙂 Thank you Sydney Skydivers and mainly Cameron for the encouragement and the amazing experience and memory (I've booked another few skydives in New Zealand in the coming months). Great customer service is also worth mentioning. I had to cancel my original booking due to a climbing injury and got a 12-month extension which was much appreciated. Second time, the weather was uncertain and as I live 2.5hrs away, they were happy to move it to another week with a better forecast.

Sydney Skydivers Crew

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Jason 🇦🇺

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