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Belly. Back. Head up. Head down. Static. Moving. Vertical. Horizontal.
This is not a list of seperate disciplines.
this is skydiving
Brought to you by Down to Fly and Sydney Skydivers this event aims to combine all the things we love about flying. These are inspired skydives.
Rego $150/person – participants will receive $50 cash back subject to NSWPC funding.
HD crest preferred, may be open to strong HU/angles. You MUST (and I really can’t emphasise that enough) be able to fly on your belly.
Big thanks as always to Sydney Skydivers for continually supporting sport skydiving.


Location: 745 Picton Rd, Picton NSW 2571
Date: 05/12/2020
Duration: 2 Days
Type: Open
Entrants: Limited

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