Join us for a fun weekend of canopy piloting to make hop & pops great again! Brought to you by Cameron ‘Putz’ Jarrett and Sydney Skydivers, this is the first edition of Pond Froth Boogie. Although there will be prizes it is not so much a competition, but a fun weekend focused on flying your canopy and performing tasks to improve your landings and accuracy.
There will be 3 categories based on type of canopy and experience:
  • Beginners (square and elliptical non cross-braced)
  • Inter (intro cross-braced: Velocity, JFX, JVX…)
  • Open (Valkyries, Leia’s…)
We will try to get a minimum of 9 organised jumps, adjusting the format and difficulty to suit all levels:
  • 2 jumps in lane longest toe drag
  • 2 jumps in lane Hi-jump
  • 2 jumps freestyle
  • 2 jumps slip n slide
  • 1 raft accuracy jump
Prizes: There will be 10 jump tickets for the winner of each category + surprise prize


Location: 745 Picton Rd, Picton NSW 2571
Date: 15/05/2021
Duration: 2 Days
Rego: $50

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