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The minimum age to learn to skydive in Australia is 16 years old. All minors require written permission from parents or guardians. There is a max weight limit of 110kg. If we cannot jump due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances you can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost, skydiving vouchers are valid for 3 years. For any other questions about the AFF course please check FAQs or contact us.

Skydive licence cost in Australia

  • AFF Stage 1: $480
  • AFF full course: $2,310

Start your skydive licence with the AFF stage 1 course. It consists of one full day of ground training followed by your first AFF skydive on a second day. With Sydney Skydivers you can complete the AFF course and get your skydive licence at your own pace. There is no need to pay for the full course upfront. If you want to do the course in just a few days you can book the AFF full course option.

AFF learn to skydive program

The AFF program, or Accelerated Freefall, is the most popular format to learn to skydive. It consists of one day of ground theory and 9 skydives or stages. Instructors brief students before every skydive and assist them in freefall and deployment. As skydiving students make progress through the course they learn new skills in every skydive to help them build confidence and control in freefall as well as flying the parachute.

The most experienced skydiving training in Australia

At Sydney Skydivers we have been teaching skydiving students for over 3 decades, since the AFF program was introduced in the country. We have trained thousands of skydivers that are currently working as professional skydivers in Australia and overseas. All our instructors are qualified under the Australian Parachute Federation and they follow an intensive training and program before obtaining the necessary rating to teach students.


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