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The minimum age to learn to skydive in Australia is 16 years old. All minors require written permission from parents or guardians. There is a max weight limit of 110kg. If we cannot jump due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances you can reschedule your skydive at no extra cost, skydiving vouchers are valid for 3 years. For any other questions about the AFF course please check FAQs or contact us.

How much does it cost to get your skydive licence in Australia?

You can complete the full AFF Skydiving course for $2,310. You can also learn to skydive at your own pace with no commitment or upfront payment for the full course. Start by booking your AFF Stage 1. This is the first step to get your skydive licence in Australia. It is one full day of ground theory followed by your first AFF skydive with two instructors. Book your AFF course with Sydney Skydivers and get your licence to skydive solo.

How do you learn to skydive in Australia?

The AFF course, or Accelerated Freefall, is the most popular path to learn to skydive in Australia. It replaced static line jumps in almost every dropzone around the world. With AFF Stage 1 you learn all the necessary skills and emergency procedures on the ground, prior to performing your first skydive with two instructors holding on to you to keep you stable in freefall and assist with parachute deployment. After that there are another 8 levels or AFF stages to complete the course.

Book your AFF course with Sydney Skydivers

Sydney Skydivers instructors are qualified under the Australian Parachute Federation and have thousands of skydives each. We have been teaching skydiving students for over 30 years. Book your AFF course with Sydney Skydivers in Picton and get your skydiving licence to enjoy an incredible sport that will change your way of life!


Get your skydive licence in Australia and enjoy an incredible sport