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AFF Skydiving Course in Sydney

Get your Skydive Licence to jump solo

The AFF course (Accelerated freefall course) is your ticket to freedom in learning to skydive all by yourself. Sydney Skydivers is the closest dropzone to Sydney with some of the most experienced instructors in the industry to learn to skydive safely.

Starting at $430 - Complete the AFF course at your own pace

How do you learn to skydive?

First steps to becoming a licensed skydiver

The AFF course consists of a one day of ground theory course and nine freefall jumps/stages. Once you complete AFF Stage 1 you can do stages 2 to 9 at your own pace, with no upfront payment for the whole course required.

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AFF Stage 1 Ground Course

We kick off with one full day of ground training. You will learn the theory and skills to safely perform your first skydive, AFF stage 1. How the gear works, how to steer a parachute, emergency procedures…everything to get you ready for the first jump.

Prior to the ground course, you can have access to our online training platform. We recommend this first step so you can become familiar with all the topics covered in the course. This way the first day is not as overwhelming, especially if you have never experienced freefall with a tandem skydive before. If you don’t feel completely confident on AFF Stage 1 you can opt to do a tandem AFF that will count as AFF 1.

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AFF Skydives Stages 1 - 9

On your next day after the course 2 intructors will brief you again and do a recap of what you have learned prior to your first skydive. On AFF Stage 1 your instructors will assist you and keep you stable in freefall, but you will wear and fly your own parachute. After the jump you will have a debrief and start incorporating learnings and tips in your logbook.

After AFF 1 there are another 8 AFF levels, stages 2 to 9. In each stage you will learn new skills to give you more confidence and control, following the same process: brief, jump, debrief. All the way to AFF stage 9. This will be the first skydive completely on your own from the plane to landing on the ground, with no assistance in freefall or on the radio.

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Skydive 'A' Licence Course

Once you complete the AFF course you are still a skydiving student, but no longer requiring instructor supervision in your skydive, just for gear checks and any help and tips you may need. You can do solo jumps to build your skills or start the B-rel table. These are a number of skydives with a coach to learn how to jump in groups of 2, 3 and 4 people.

To obtain your first skydive licence you will need to complete the A licence course. This is a half a day program with a short written exam at the end to demonstrate everything you have learned during your training. Once completed you will earn your first skydiving rating, ‘A’ licence, no longer being a student and officially becoming a licensed skydiver!

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AFF Skydiving Course Options

AFF Learn to Skydive Packages

At Sydney Skydivers you can complete the AFF course at your own pace. Start with AFF Stage 1 and take it from there. If you want to complete the course in a few days you can book our Full AFF Course package.

Start your AFF course

AFF Stage 1


First step to kick-start your skydiving certifications

APF student membership

Pre-course online training

Full day ground training

AFF Skydive 1 with 2 instructors

Full gear hire

First jump certificate

NEW - Full AFF Course Package

AFF Full Course (Stages 1 - 9)


Book the full course upfront and complete it in a few days.

APF student membership

Pre-course online training

Full day ground training

AFF Skydives 1 to 9

Full gear hire

First jump certificate

Overview of AFF Skydives Stages 1 - 9

The journey to completing your AFF Course

As you make progress through the course new drills and skills are explored in each new stage: turns, freefall rate, tracking…all the way to stage 9 when you will be ready to skydive by yourself without the supervision of your instructors in freefall!

  • STAGE 1


    First solo skydive with two instructors holding onto you. The main goal of AFF stage 1 is to overcome sensory overload and gain height awareness. You will start building the habit of looking at your altimeter.

  • STAGE 2


    Skydive with two instructors assisting exit and freefall. In stage 2 the main goals are heading awareness, body awareness and turning. You will fly forwards, demonstrate turns, deploy your parachute and fly back to the landing area.

  • STAGE 3


    Skydive with two instructors assisting exit and freefall. Main goals in stage 3 are maintaining heading, hover control and turning consolidation. If things go well instructors will leave grips and let you fly solo. You will then deploy your parachute solo and fly back to the landing area.

  • STAGE 4


    Skydive with one instructor assisting exit and freefall. In stage 4 your instructor will leave grips and you will start building more skills to stay stable without assistance. Main goals in AFF Stage 4 are heading awareness and hover control unassisted. Wave off and deploy your parachute at the right altitude.

  • STAGE 5


    Skydive with one instructor holding for the exit but releasing grips once stable. Main goals in AFF Stage 5 are 360 degree turns, forward movement and docking.

  • STAGE 6


    Skydive with one instructor. In stage 6 your instructor will not be holding onto you for exit, and if things go well he will not hold onto you for the duration of the skydive. Main goals in stage are to fly solo and demonstrate heading control, hover control and 360 turns. You will turn 180

  • STAGE 7


    Skydive with one instructor, solo exit. Main goals in stage 7 is to force you to become unstable and gain control again. You will perform back flips and demonstrate your arching skills going back into a stable belly-to-earth positon. After turning 180 degrees you will track off before waving off and deploying your parachute.

  • STAGE 8


    Skydive with one instructor, unassisted exit and freefall. In stage 8 you will practice different fall rates by modifying your body position. Hard arch will make you fall faster, while spreading flat will slow your fall rate. You will practice tracking away in a straight line before waving off and deploying the parachute.

  • STAGE 9


    This is the final stage in your AFF course. You will do a low altitude jump from 5,000 feet, also known as "hop and pop". Dive exit with a short delay to become stable and deploy your parachute after just a few seconds from the exit. It's graduation day!

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Learn to skydive with Sydney Skydivers

At the heart of Australian Skydiving

From legendary jumpers to world-champions, we have trained thousands of skydivers over the last few decades, building world class safety standards and extensive know-how.

Highly experienced AFF instructors

You will be trained by some of the best instructors in the country with thousands of jumps under their belt and a real passion to teach new jumpers.

Self-contained skydiving school

There are no buses or transfers involved. Check-in, gear-up, take-off and landing happening on the premises, with large grass areas to hang out.

Large open landing areas

We have a large open paddock free of obstacles or hazards that is perfect to learn how to land your parachute.

Closest AFF training to Sydney

We are located in Picton, just 45 min by car from Sydney and 30 min from Wollongong, with several train stations nearby.

Awesome skydiving community

Plenty of great people who you can jump and share experiences with once you get your license

Flexible AFF course payment

You are not required to pay for the full course upfront, and can pay stage by stage at your own pace, with Zip Pay available. Skydive now, pay later!

Frequent questions about the skydiving licence

Skydive Licence FAQs

If you have any concerns or unsure whether the AFF course is for you get in touch for an individual assessment

Is there a minimum age to do the AFF course?

In Australia the legal minimum age is 16. At Sydney Skydivers we normally require students to be 18 years of age, However we are always happy to chat with parents and guardians should an under 18 student be serious about learning to skydive.

Is learning to skydive safe?

Sydney Skydivers will make learning to skydive as safe as possible. Our APF certified team of instructors are among the most experienced in Australia, with thousands of jumps under their belt. All of our student parachutes are regularly maintained and equipped with an automatic activation device of a reserve parachute, our training will also run you through every emergency situation and ensure you can be safe skydiving.

How long does it take to learn to skydive?

With Sydney Skydivers you can learn to skydive in as little as one week. If you cannot take days off you can complete your stages over the weekend and have your license in under a month. You can do the course at your own pace but ideally you shouldn’t leave more than 2 weeks between jumps. Muscle memory and being current with emergency procedures are key when you are starting out in the sport.

Do you have online training to learn to skydive?

Yes we have exclusive online theory for your stage 1 AFF ground training and stage 1 skydive. Once you feel comfortable and ready you can book in your ground training. Your course instructor will go over and cover what you have learnt during your online theory.

What equipment do I need for the AFF course?

None ! Sydney Skydivers will provide all equipment and instruction.Once you complete your AFF we have hire equipment you can hire and then once a student gets an A licence they will normally start to look around for their first set of skydiving equipment, a rig.

Becoming a licensed skydiver

Come for the challenge, stay for the fun

After finishing your AFF course the next step is to complete 8 B-Rel jumps, a standard set by the Australian Parachute Federation. This is focused on learning the required skills to safely skydive with others. This is also where the fun really starts! Once you reach 25 jumps and complete a written assessment you will be awarded your A license, officially exiting your student status.
From then on, the sky the ground is the limit! You will be part of an amazing community and able to explore a wide range of disciplines like 4-way formations, freeflying, canopy piloting or wingsuiting. Get ready for a wild ride because this could be the start of a whole new obsession!

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Meet your AFF skydiving instructors

We love what we do.

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AFF Instructor
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AFF Instructor
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Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor

Got more questions?

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your individual situation before you learn to skydive solo, our instructors evaluate enrolments on a case by case basis.

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