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Tandem Skydiving Sydney

Skydive in Sydney from up to 15,000 feet

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Best prices to skydive in Sydney guaranteed. Experience freefalling at 200km/h from up to 15,000 feet. Group discounts available!

Learn to Skydive

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Sign up for our next AFF Course to Learn to Skydive in Sydney. Complete your qualifications at your own pace. No upfront payments required.

Licensed Skydivers

Our community of fun jumpers in Sydney

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Large aircraft, ticket discounts, a swooping pond, and an awesome community. Come jump at Sydney Skydivers in Picton.

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Experience the rush with Sydney Skydivers

Turning fear of heights into big smiles

Whether you’re here for a tandem skydive or watching a loved one, we thrive on giving our visitors the best experience skydiving in Picton.

Australian-owned and operated, Sydney Skydivers is part 1300SKYDIVE, the most experienced skydiving company in Australia and a member of the Australian Parachute Federation.

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Sydney skydiving from up to 15,000 feet

Passion, expertise and the best prices. Thousands skydive in Sydney with us every year.

Skydiving safety above established standards

Our skydiving instructors have twice as much experience as required by the Australian Parachute Federation when they join our team. We use some of the most advanced skydiving gear in the market, and all our equipment and aircraft are checked regularly.

Only self-contained skydiving dropzone in Sydney

It’s not just the jumps, but the atmosphere! We have the only self-contained dropzone in Sydney. Check-in and board the plane with no buses or transfers involved. Your companions can watch and film you hopping on the plane and landing under a parachute just a few meters away from the action.

Over 50 years skydiving in Australia

We are the most experienced skydiving centre in the country. Australian-owned and operated since the late 60s, thousands of AFF and tandem skydives take place at Sydney Skydivers in Picton each year. Our Director Phil holds the Australian record, with 36,000 skydives to date!

Best service, value and fun on your Sydney skydive

Since day one our focus has been to provide the best possible value and experience to our customers, both Aussies and the hundreds of visitors from overseas that we get every year. We have the best prices to skydive in Sydney and welcome with open arms tandems, AFF students and sport jumpers alike.

Best price to skydive in Sydney

$20 Off Skydive Sydney Weekday Special

Escape the daily routine to live an experience like no other jumping out of a perfectly good airplane! Offer valid Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays.


$254 with a Discover NSW voucher

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The most experienced skydiving company in Australia

Come make history with Sydney Skydivers

Sydney Skydiving pioneers

We have been at the heart of Sydney Skydiving since the 60s, back when parachutes were round and landing on trees a daily routine. The skydiving dropzone has changed names and owners over the years, but the essence has remained unaltered during five decades: an insatiable desire to push the sport to the highest possible levels of safety, performance and joy sharing the sky with others.


The skydive journey from the 60s

And what a ride it’s been! From static line jumps strapped in very heavy and bulky rigs to the development of modern parachute systems with very advanced safety features. The convergence of regulation, technology and pursuit of human flight have enabled an explosion of disciplines in the sport, from vertical flying, to wingsuits or canopy swooping, that we are fortunate to enjoy on a daily basis.


Skydiving in Sydney in 2021

We remain focused on the essence with the same excitement as the first day, devoting ourselves to sharing the joy of flying with tandem skydives, training AFF students and enabling licensed jumpers to carry out their passion. Come and share the sky with us 💙

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Skydiving Sydney Gift Vouchers

Gift a unique experience

Throw your friends and family out of a perfectly good airplane with our skydiving gift vouchers! Hang out on the same premises where our aircraft take off and parachutes land, watching all the action at the only self-contained dropzone in Sydney. Bring your pets or enjoy a picnic on our extensive grass areas, we want to help you make their day unforgettable. Our vouchers to skydive in Sydney are valid for 3 years.

Our Sydney skydiving instructors

Over 100,000 skydives combined

phil onis sydney skydivers


Founder, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor, Aircraft pilot. Over 40 years in the sport and more than 36,000 skydives.
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Chief Instructor
troy sydney skydivers


Operations Manager, Tandem Instructor, AFF Instructor
Pat sydney skydivers


AFF Instructor and Course trainer

Skydive in Australia Options and Locations

Other options to Skydive in Australia

If you are looking for other skydiving options in Australia check out our dropzones in Cairns, Airlie Beach and the Sunshine Coast. Experience the thrill of freefalling with beautiful coastal views and landings on the beach at no extra cost.

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Ready to take off?

Come to Sydney Skydivers for a unique adrenaline rush! Book with the experts, over 50 years skydiving in Australia